Hi! I'm Gurpreet.

I am a Product Engineer currently working at Gojek, leading the Driver Earnings & Experience team.

I've previously worked with people at Kite, Untrodden Labs and NewsMeme as an developer.

During my free time, I sometimes contribute to open-source or participate in hackathons. I like meeting people through various meetups, where I also talk sometimes and discuss my thoughts on different topics.

I strive to test-drive my code, follow clean coding practices and brainstorm ideas before implementing them in code.
I'm particularly interested in Functional & Reactive programming, automated code-generation and task automation, and have good knowledge of Kotlin and Java, along with some JavaScript and Python. I mostly use Git as a VCS of choice.
I like to watch videos, and believe books are terribly underrated as gifts.

I also like to explore different programming languages now & then. Nowadays, I'm learning Haskell to understand what pure functional programming means.

Want to know more? Look at my Résumé, drop a   . or find me on  ,   or