Hi! I'm Gurpreet.

I am an Product Engineer currently working at Gojek.

I've previously worked with people at Kite, Untrodden Labs and NewsMeme as an developer.

My interests include contributing to open-source, participating in hackathons and meeting like-minded people through various meetups, where I also talk and discuss my thoughts on different topics.

I'm currently exploring Test-Driven Development, Clean architecture & coding practices, Reactive & Functional programming paradigm, automated code-generation and task automation, and have knowledge of Kotlin and Java, along with some JavaScript and Python. I mostly use Git as a VCS of choice, and like to watch videos, read books, explore programming tooling or work on side projects in my leisure time.

Nowadays, I'm learning Haskell to understand what pure functional programming means.

Want to know more? Look at my Résumé, drop a   . or find me on  ,   or